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The Association, with the help of donations and through fundraising events, continues to carry out its mission of giving back to SJHS in the following ways:


In the Summer of 2014, the St. Joseph High School Alumni Association, U.S. Chapter embarked on a project to send a shipment of school supplies to St. Joseph High School.  The goal was to provide basic, but essential school supplies to all incoming first year students to supplement their foundational building blocks, and to also support the needs of students in their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th years of high school.   That first shipment of supplies included writing instruments, notebooks, geometry sets, solar powered calculators and Spanish to English dictionaries.  The project was successful and was named

School Tools For First Formers

Since then, with the kind contributions to and support of our fundraising events, the Association has been able to continue this project annually and most recently, include backpacks and additional critical materials such as copy paper, portable projectors, chalk and other supplies for use by teachers.

Graduation Rings

SJHSAA is proud to recognize and reward students for their scholastic achievements as they journey through St. Joseph High School.  One such form of recognition is the presentation of a gold graduation ring.  This award is typically given to the top 10 graduating students upon successful completion of the annual Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Examinations.


2018 Awardees

Shaveer Forde 

Shamal Khan

Dawn Purdessy                           

Aliya Pasha                             

Akeaba Singh                             

Mohanee Motilall                       

Karishma Shivnarine                  

Saskia Boodram                           

Omefa Chiaka Bollers           Eve George                                 

2019 Awardees

Himlata Singh

Daniel McAlmont

Corissa McClure

Emily Cozier

Teshana Panchu

Delancia Semple

Shekera Dunn

Deidre King

Umawatie Basdeo

Mikeiba Abel

2020 Awardees

Reshana Castello

Anusooya Singh

Abiane Saul

Samantha Williams

Jenika Thompson

Shamar Bascom

Afeeza Haniff

Kizza Mcleod

Chelsea Forde

Nathan Hutson

Arshad Hoosain

2021 Awardees

Mariel McKay

Mariel Hopkinson

Shaqueena Cuffy

Zanele Chase

Ault Tucquana

Charlyn Adonis

Daniele Lewis

Tashana Ramnarine

Zane Bishop

Dwayne DeCosta

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