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Our core mission is to raise funds for the purpose of supplementing the needs, education and welfare of current students of the St. Joseph High School, located in Georgetown Guyana. 


We are committed to promoting awareness about the needs and achievements of the school by facilitating socialization and fraternization among alumni, friends, former teachers and staff of the School who reside in the United States.


Five graduates from St. Joseph High School (SJHS) met on October 15, 1994 in a Brooklyn apartment on Farragut Road, near the junction of Flatbush and Rogers Avenues and established this St. Joseph High School Alumni Association, U.S. Chapter (SJHSAA). This was done with a goal of providing meaningful assistance to current students at SJHS in Georgetown, Guyana. The five graduates were Sandra Hunte-Gomes (deceased), Beverley Richmond-Crane, Fay Fraser, Judith Richmond, and Lorna Campbell. This initiative was the brainchild of the late Sandra Hunte-Gomes.

During the three months that followed, the founders set about reaching out to fellow alumni via letters, telephone and word-of-mouth. On January 14, 1995, the first general meeting was held, and Gweneth Blair, Angela Fox, Kim Grant, Shelley Humphrey, Rubina Lashley, Goldwyn Dolsy Lewis-Wilkinson, Averil Sumner, Desiree Telford-Oginga joined the founders. At this meeting, among some of the key decisions made were the institution of membership dues at $25 per year, opening of a bank account, and holding membership meetings on the second Saturday of every month.

On May 13,1995, the first election of officers was held, and the positions were filled as follows:

Sandra Hunte-Gomes

Maude Ann Rodrigues

General Secretary:
Lorna Campbell

Angela Fox

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer:
Kim Grant

Committee Members:
Judy Agard, Gweneth Blair, Jocelyn Bryant-Rodney, Beverley Cave, Fay Fraser, Jacquelene Lashley-James, and Beverley Richmond-Crane

In the Summer of 1995, Sandra Hunte-Gomes and Lorna Campbell visited SJHS. They received a warm welcome from then Headmistress, Mrs. Joan Kendall, and toured the school’s premises guided by Mrs. Sandra King. The needs of the school were quite evident and abundant. Since then, through the hard work of a small group of dedicated members and the love and generosity of numerous supporters and friends, SJHSAA has managed to provide assistance to SJHS in helping to foster its renowned legacy of excellence in education and social values.

Over the years, SJHSAA has made immense contributions to refurbish the electrical and plumbing systems, the northern fence, Home Economics Lab and the overall condition of the school. The Association was part of the initiative that saw the introduction of computers at SJHS – in the secretarial office and the establishment of its first Information Technology Lab, in addition to other projects.

SJHSAA proudly continues its mission of fostering SJHS's legacy of excellence and assisting in the education and welfare of the students at SJHS.

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