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Crystal Reports Activex Designer Runtime Library 11.5 [Updated-2022]




The Report Design View in Crystal Reports 11.5 displays a running report along with a design surface on the report canvas. The report that is being executed by the designer can be either in-memory or on-disk. The following sections describe the report canvas. The report canvas is a large area of the report design surface that displays a running report. The report is executed either in the report designer or on a schedule. Each report that is displayed on the canvas is separate and can be moved, resized, and repositioned. The report canvas can also be zoomed and scrolled. TableOfContents To open a running report in the designer, click the Report View in the Report Browser on the toolbar. The report designer displays the report that is executing, along with the report canvas. For more information, see Opening and Printing Reports. When a report runs in the Report Designer, it appears on the canvas along with all the report parameters that were set when the report was created. Table 1. The Report Canvas Image Description Report File Displays the name of the report on the report canvas. The report can be either in-memory or on-disk. Text Displays the title of the report. Grid Displays a simple grid of items. The items displayed are usually report parameters or other controls. Table Displays a table. The data for the table is stored in a data source in the report that is executing. DateTime Picker Displays a date picker control. Custom Displays a custom control that has been placed on the report canvas. Text/Image Displays a text or image. Images Displays an image that is located in the location specified by the Image Location property of the report. The image is displayed in the Image Field property of the report. The image can be a logo, an icon, or any other image that can be loaded from a file. The Image Field property of a report is always set to a Boolean expression that combines the Image Location property and the Image Mapping property. The Boolean expression is evaluated when the report is rendered. The output of the expression is then used to display the image in the report. The Image Mapping property is used to define the regions of a report that are used for rendering images. The value of the Image



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Crystal Reports Activex Designer Runtime Library 11.5 [Updated-2022]

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